Hood Cleaning Service Contracts

Service Plans are very important for maintaining your equipment, identifying and correcting potential issues before they become bigger problems and maximizing your system’s efficiency.

With a Kitchen Exhaust System Service Plan, you will always get great service, trained technicians, the comfort of knowing the job was done right, and now much more value.

Consistent maintenance of the Kitchen Exhaust System in your commercial eating establishment remains one of the primary defenses against fire hazards.

A one-year service plan will include the following:

  1. Fan Belt Installation/Adjustments with every 3 months Hood Cleaning.
  2. Inspect shaft and kitchen exhaust fan motor to prevent operation shutdown.
  3. Accusation components for fire dampers shall be inspected for proper operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s listed procedures.
  4. In the event of a kitchen exhaust fan malfunction, we will be available to you 24/7.
  5. Maintenance service will be included with this plan parts will be priced at wholesale prices.
  6. Providing a complete, detailed written report of all work performed, and deficiencies in the kitchen exhaust system, recommendations for correcting any problems.

A&E Exhaust – Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often referred to as hood cleaning) is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, vents of Kitchen exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Left uncleaned, kitchen exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme fire hazards. Kitchen exhaust systems must be inspected regularly, at intervals consistent with usage, to determine whether cleaning is needed before a dangerous amount of grease has accumulated.